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is a place where one may view pictures, descriptive text ... and soon schematics and manuals
for a small variety of Boatanchor rigs in which I have a special interest.

For a large collection of BA manuals and schematics visit the BAMA site

BAMA - Free Boatanchor Manuals & Schematics

"Boatanchor" is the fond name, once derisive, given to the classic gear of the past.

Boatanchor gear used to refer only to tube-type gear but now includes hybrid tube-solid state
and even all solid-state gear of a certain vintage, such as that fine HF transceiver the Drake TR7.

Many Hams, including this one, have fond memories of older gear that dates back to our
earliest fascination with Ham radio. Others date their fascination to experience in the military
or some other personal attraction to classic equipment.

Please float your mouse across the headings to the left and then down to the sub-categories
that will pop up.

ENJOY! And please feel free to offer constructive criticism, additional information and additional scans!
PLEASE NOTE: This is a work-in-progress!

And ... keep those filaments burning!

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