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My main HF rig is a Kenwood TS-690SAT.


The HF antenna tuner is the very nicely built Dentron MT-3000A.

Note: I have a better picture that I will scan and upload. When my PC cooperates!

Still thinking of adding a small fan to the dummy load to enable it to handle more than 200w.


For 2/440 it is an Alinco DJ-280T.

Still have to get the lightning protection system installed, the
60 foot Rohn 45 tower up, the Butternut HF6V up, the 450 Wireman line fed
160-10m dipole up, acquire an HF beam and VHF-UHF log periodic beam and
get them up ... other than that things are OK ... except for the solar charged
battery power system and the 160-6m solid state 1KW amp ...


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